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Rachel Hamer is a freelance project manager, producer, facilitator and folk singer.

Rachel has worked on projects and large-scale events in organisations across Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle developing and delivering on arts, culture and health and wellbeing projects whilst developing her work with young people leadership and also delivering lots of Arts Awards! Currently she is working as Young People and Community Producer at Sunderland Culture as well as other freelance roles.

Rachel is experienced in working with groups of young people to develop their leadership skills and facilitate them to plan and deliver their own events. She loves working with young people on projects that offer real meaningful opportunities for them to learn and share their skills and have their voices heard. It is important for young people having the power to make decision and be involved in the whole process from deciding on an events theme to budget to risk assessments.


Rachel believes in meaningful ambitious opportunities for young people to take a lead to share their wonderful ideas and make a difference to the world around them whilst developing their own skills.

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