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The Seven P's of staying safe with digital media and technology

I think that by now most of us are aware of the double edged sword of technology. On the positive side it's everywhere, affordable, connects us, used by most, instant, visual, audible and readable and on the negative side it's all of those things too.

Like it or not it is hard to avoid.

When working with young people or adults at risk of harm it is important to think about how we manage and mitigate risk around digital media and technology, as quick as you get a handle on it there's a new app, scam or way of getting round things.

It takes flexible thinking to keep up to date and sense check what we do... so here are the Seven P's a set of principles to help you think about your procedures, practice and policies.


What is our responsibility and how do we support safeguarding?


How do we share the principles rules and guidelines of safeguarding with others?


How do we ensure the actions and processes that keep people safe and respond to harm?


Who are we safeguarding and what do we need to be mindful of?


What steps can we take to protect ourselves and others?


How do manage our own online persona, behaviours and devices?


How do we make sure that people have a say in their own safeguarding?

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