Tailored Solutions

We have valuable experience of designing and delivering bespoke, high quality consultation for a range of clients within the public, cultural, private, education and voluntary and community sectors.

We are passionate about work with communities and young people and provide a unique expertise gained from years of cross sector work supporting others in consultation, evaluation, delivery, research, training and strategic development of creative, education and heritage programmes.

Our consultation has supported them to link policy and practice, promoting  high-quality work with a range of stakeholders including, children and young people, communities, artists, curators and educators.

We have skills and expertise in reflective practice and data collection but we also understand that we  communicate in different ways and that there is not just one approach to successful consultation.


We love using a range of engaging and creative methods to put people at their ease and to develop understanding, shared experiences and through this meaningful conversation and a shared language.

Our approaches have included:

Digital story telling

Game playing



Drama activities

Taster sessions

Creative carousels