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Strategic Development

With over 20 years of cross sector project management experience, we can provide many levels of support and development from project planning and delivery, financial management, line management, through to strategic and skills development.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation you can use our skills and experience to help you to reflect,  plan and develop the work that you deliver.

In addition to direct project delivery we have provided, advice, support, and research  for many organisations regionally and nationally to develop their delivery strategies around areas such as:

participatory practice



policy and practice 

equality and diversity 

dignity at work

work with children and young people

strategic development 

fundraising and advocacy 

skills development and employability


Lesley began working with Mortal Fools in 2017. Her extensive experience and VAST knowledge of evaluation models, tools and practice have already proved invaluable to us – like we have found in her the missing piece of our project puzzle.


Lesley began supporting us with the broad evaluation of projects in 2017 and more recently has moved into a pivotal role as a development consultant, working with us to develop partnership and participatory practice, with a strong emphasis on neuro-diversity for children and young people.


We consider her an important friend of the company and a wonderful human being. We’re enjoying getting to know her and are grateful for the dynamic contribution she has already made to Mortal Fools’ work. We know there is more exciting collaboration to come and recommend her highly.


Kiz Crosbie – Artistic Director, Mortal Fools

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