Level 1 Award Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health
This interactive course offers a focussed approach to supporting first aid for mental health in the creative, heritage and cultural sectors.
" I really enjoyed learning this new skill. I am excited to keep learning and growing with this.
I feel like this should be shared with every business in the UK whatever stage they are at.
Lesley was very knowledgeable & was great at putting me at ease during the assessment & preparing me for it.  
I am happy to see that Mental Health is being taken this seriously."
"Lesley created a really friendly atmosphere for us to learn and process new information; I felt supported throughout the whole course and have learnt so much about Mental Health First Aid. Thank you Lesley!" 
Participants May 2020

Working within the cultural, creative and heritage sectors we encounter mental health in a range of contexts and may be considering the well-being of participants, colleagues, interns and volunteers simultaneously.

Packed with helpful resources and links to key documents and information this course will provide you with an opportunity to explore how you can support mental health first aid within the creative, cultural and heritage sectors.

You will take part in hands-on learning activities and discussions with other sector professionals to understand the role of the first aider for mental health in your own context.

This qualification provides you with the knowledge to recognise a range of mental health conditions, how to start a supportive conversation and when and how to signpost a person to seek appropriate professional help.

You will know how to recognise and manage stress.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to gain a regulated qualification and build their understanding of First Aid for Mental Health but you can also attend without taking a qualification if that isn't for you.


During the sessions you will

  • Explore mental health in the context of your work

  • Develop an understanding of what mental health is and why people might develop a mental health condition

  • Understand the role of a mental health first aider in the work that you do

  • Gain knowledge of how to provide advice and support to someone presenting a mental health condition.

  • Learn how to recognise and manage stress

  • Learn how to recognise a range of mental health conditions

  • Build knowledge of how to promote a positive mental health culture within the workplace



For those wishing to gain Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health - FAA Level 1 Award there is an additional 1 hour relaxed professional discussion to explore your learning and assess your skills and understanding.

This qualification sits on the regulated qualifications framework


Every participant will receive an E BOOK on First Aid for Mental Health.


Your EBOOK has a three year licence and can be viewed using a tablet, phone or computer and you will receive free updates throughout the licence period.

You will also receive a range of resources including links to key documents and information.


The course is offered in two x 2 hour sessions with guided learning to support your development and understanding.


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