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Juice Festival


Juice Festival was an annual festival developed by children and under-25s which takes place across venues in Newcastle and Gateshead. Working with professionals from the creative, cultural and heritage sectors young people develop work specifically by for and with children and young people and their families.

Key to understanding the impact of this work was the need to develop ways of measuring outcomes that not only demonstrated best practice around work with children and young people but also described those outcomes in the authentic voice of the stakeholders.

Working collaboratively over two years with Team Juice, a group of young people under the age of 25 who develop, programme and deliver the festival, we created a set of bespoke metrics that linked to the Quality Principles shared by Arts Council England ( The metrics described change as seen by Team Juice and the volunteers who supported the project.

Working in this way meant that Team Juice and the Juice volunteers were able to take an active role in measuring impact throughout the festival and provide a very important and relevant perspective.

In 2017 we worked with Team Juice to develop a logic model to support the process and members of Team Juice have carried out evaluation work with Gateshead Youth Council to ensure a clear and strong stakeholder voice.

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